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We are startup emirati company based in Abu Dhabi, established in 2016, We been well-recognized in information security by providing tools, documents, spreading security awareness and more.

WESECURE team members been contributed in security field for many reputational companies such; Google, Facebook, Ebay..etc


Finding security flaws that are often missed by blackbox security assessments using top notch static analyzers complimented by manual analysis of our experienced developers. To deliver list of vulnerabilities.


Identifying all vulnerabilities on hardened and patched systems in scope and simulating a determined attacker targeting an organization through its publicly available systems or connected to the internal network..


Conducting tailored ethical hacking Hands-on training for organizations’ security team. The training is customized and it can include but not limited to, web application security testing, mobile application hacking.

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What Makes Us DifferentYou Pay For What You Deserve.

Here at WESECURE we accept the challenges!
Is Your Website Secure?
We believe that
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is secure enough
they don’t have to
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VisionQuality is not an act, it is a habit.

Group of people who believes in providing unique services for our users. 'Wesecure' provides all the latest news in the field of Information Technology aiming in the domain space of Information Security. We promise to do our best to provide product and services for the end users to enhance them Information security!

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